Green Tea Rinse – Revamped

So I just rediscovered the awesomeness of a green tea rinse. I mean that literally. I must have done something different from my usual rinse practice because the result this time was ah-amazing. So what do I mean? The effect of this green tea rinse on my hair was non like I had experienced before.... Continue Reading →


Hydrating/Moisturising Your Hair

Wet hair doesn't equal hydrated/moisturised hair' This is a truth I realised recently. We're very familiar with the term moisturised hair, so much so that we assume that wet hair means moisturised hair - but it's not always so. I'd like to say 'hydrated' hair is when the moisture (preferably water) has been absorbed by... Continue Reading →

DIY: Honey Recipe DC

Here's a recipe I I tried out recently on my sister's 4C hair. She needed a DC really bad (her hair was so dry) and I wasn't sure I had any DIY ingredients but this recipe and it turned out great. Her hair became soft and manageable. Get the recipe.

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